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Clinic Forms & Your First Appointment

Making the Most of Your First Appointment at Brilliant Minds Psychology

Your first appointment at Brilliant Minds Psychology will be 51 - 60 minutes in duration.  We often have a lot to cover during the first session including explaining confidentiality, informed consent and your presenting concerns.  In order to make the most of your first session and to get the most of your time, we ask that you complete the  client information sheet & read the confidentiality and consent form. These will be emailed to you once your appointment is booked.

In the first session, background information is obtained, confidentiality explained and informed consent obtained.  

If the referral is for your child, the first session is mainly spent with the parent. It is essential that the psychologist has time alone with the parents to talk about the difficulties without the child present.  If possible we recommend the parent attend the first session without the child when possible.  This is not covered under medicare.

"We recommend that the parent attend the first session without the child where possible.

This is not covered under medicare."

If you have had a Mental Health Care Plan or referral letter from a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist, please bring this along to your first appointment. This ensures that you are eligible for rebates through Medicare. Please note that Medicare rebate can only be claimed for sessions the client attends.  Parents experiencing stress due to parenting issues are recommended to obtain their own Mental Health Care Plan.

If you have had previous psychology session in this year, it is important to check how many sessions you are still entitled to - contact Medicare for more information. 

Confidentiality and limits to confidentiality

Anything you say during your session with your psychologist is confidential. Confidentiality is breached if a psychologist believes the client is at risk of immediate harm to self or others, or if the file is subpoenaed by a court.