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What is Giftedness? 

All children have gifts, however for children who display very advanced cognitive abilities, gifted assessments can be essential as they can provide understanding that transforms parental intuition into concrete information about a child’s intellectual, academic, social and emotional world.

Is Your Child Gifted?
Gifted children often demonstrate a range of traits that set them apart from peers in the following areas:
Language skills. Gifted children speak very early. They frequently have a sophisticated vocabulary and are very curious about the world around them.
Learning abilities. Gifted children are like mental sponges! They absorb and incorporate new ideas, often focus on certain areas of interest, ask many questions, have an excellent memory and read voraciously!
Gravitation toward adults. Gifted children frequently prefer the company of adults.
Creative thinking. Gifted children may enjoy coming up with their own ways to solve problems and delight in making connections between seemingly unrelated concepts.
Superior/ selective concentration. Many gifted children are able to concentrate for a very long time on topics of interest, but might have trouble focusing on repetitive or boring activities.

Gifted children may experience the following Emotional and Behavioural traits:
•    Emotional intensity
•    Sensitivity to others’ feelings and circumstances
•    Empathy
•    Unusually high or low energy level
•    Frustration when others talk too slowly or take too long to “get to the point”
•    Strong leadership qualities
•    Enjoyment of solitude and time spent reading, writing, daydreaming, observing, or just thinking
•    Keen powers of observation

However, some of the following traits may cause difficulty for a gifted child:
•    Tension
•    Anxiety
•    Emotional extremes
•    Overexcitability
•    Scrupulous self-examination
•    Emotional reactivity, often perceived as immaturity
•    Feelings of inadequacy
•    Insistence on doing things on their own–in their own way
•    Poor organizational skills; messiness

A Cognitive Assessment can provide a full cognitive profile that allows parents to customise educational and extracurricular activities, maximising their child’s strengths while mitigating his or her weaknesses, and assists parents to better understand their child.

Why Test?
Gifted or not, testing can uncover critical information about a child. It removes some of the guesswork from parenting by providing a framework for making decisions. Results can offer answers to questions such as the following:
•    How does my child learn?
•    What classroom setting is optimum for my child?
•    Is my child gifted and, if so, how?
•    Does my child need early intervention or psychological support?
•    In which extracurricular interests should I invest?
•    What is the best way to communicate with my child?
•    Why is my child struggling—and how can I help?

Brilliant Minds Psychology can provide a comprehensive testing service to assess your child for giftedness.

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Written by Cate Hearn, Psychologist at Brilliant Minds Psychology.
Based on material adapted from Shenfield 2015.