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When parents feel pressured

Parenting is hard and it is often identified as the toughest role we will ever have!!!

Despite parents today are armed with a wealth of parenting information from a variety of sources, with tips on what to do and what not to do.  Unfortunately, our children are not born with a sure fired instruction manual designed to ensure parenting success and great child outcomes.

Therefore when our image of being the "best" or "perfect" parents do not result in the type of family life we envisaged, stress and anxiety and marital disharmony may result.

A quote to remember:
Stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your
relationship with him- Dr. Henker  

In other words, sometimes we are so focused on trying to do everything right that parents miss a very important message. A good relationship with your child is so essential for not only the present time, but across their entire lifespan.

Learning to be “good enough”, who foster a loving relationship with their children is the best lesson parents can learn.

Some helpful tips to foster a good relationship with your children at any ages are:

1. Look for the good our children do every day, praise genuinely and tell them they are loved

2. Don't sweat the little stuff and focus on the few behaviours that are problematic for their social and emotional growth

3. Understanding what is age appropriate behaviour, so we do not expect too much or too little from our children

4. Being mindful of what our children are responding to when poor behaviour is occurring. This will assist in fostering positive reinforcement of good behaviour and not inadvertently reinforcing poor behaviour.

5. Planning ahead can foster problem solving and positive coping strategies in children

6. Self-care is vital. Tired exhausted stressed parents do not always react well to children's poor behaviour.

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