Our Education & Behavioural Assessments

Our clinic provides an array of unique psychology assessment packages. Our assessment packages are based on the most common type of referrals or reasons for testing we receive from our referrers, schools and clients.

Package 1: The Basic Cognitive & Behaviour Assessment

Thie 'Basic Behaviour Assessment' is recommended if your child is experiencing difficulties with concentration, hyperactivity at home and at school.  Our 'Basic Cognitive & Behaviour Assessment' includes testing for ADHD (inattention and hyperactivity /  and assessment of general intellectual ability including assessment of working memory, processing speed, vocabulary, fluid reasoning and visual spatial.  

This package compromises of parent clinical interview, child cognitive testing (90 minutes) and parent and teacher questionnaires to assess for behavioural symptoms. 

This is often the assessment when your child is needed verifcation in the school system for ADHD. A referral to a paediatrician is recommended if your child is confirmed as having a high level of ADHD symptoms. If learning difficulties are suspected than the Clinical Psychology Education Package is recommended.  

Session 1: Parent intake (60 minutes)
Session 2: Child assessment (90-120 minutes)
Session 3: Parent feedback session over the phone 30 minutes to go through report.

Package 2: Clinical Psychological Educational Assessment (from 5 years up) 

Our Clinical Psychological Education Assessment package is the assessment package to choose when your child is having a mix of difficulties including possible ADHD and learning / emotional or social difficulties.  The assessment helps you to understand reasons for your child's difficulties and other factors that may be impacting your child.  The following areas are assessed, working memory, vocabulary, processing speed, fluid reasoning, visual spatial, auditory processing and general intellectual ability and adaptive functioning.  Academic achievement testing is conducted as part of this assessment and Specific Learning Conditions in the area of Dyslexia if required as as part of this package are screened for.

A comprehensive report and recommendations are provided. This package includes components from the Basic Cognitive & Behaviour Assessment Package.   In addition emotional, social and behaviour problems are screened for during this assessment and adaptive living skills. 
A series of questionnaire are sent to teachers and parents.
Session 1: Parent session (60 minutes)
Session 2: Child assessment (90-120 minutes)
Session 3: Child assessment (90-120 minutes)
Session 4: Parent session over the phone or in the clinic (30 minutes) to go through report.

Package 3: Assessment for Giftedness (6 years to 16:11 years)

Our  Assessment for Giftedness. The assessment for Giftedness is recommend for children that have been identified as being potentially gifted by teachers and parents.  This assessment includes an assessment of cognitive or general intellectual ability and academic achievement in the area of spelling, reading, comprehension and maths. This assessment also assesses for creativity. Emotional, social and behaviour problems are screend as part of the Giftedness assessment. For children aged up to 13:11 years of age, this assessment also screens for artistic talent, creativity and motivation.

Session 1: Parent interview (60 minutes).
Session 2: Child assessment (90-120 minutes)
Session 3: Child assessment (90-120 minutes)
Session 4: Discussion of report with parent over phone (30 minutes) or in clinic.