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At Brilliant Minds Psychology we are a team of psychologist that love working with children, teens, families, parents, and adults.  We aim to create a number of free tipsheets and information on different areas to help parents with common difficulties that occur during child development.   We also provide information for parents going through separation or divorce and or experiencing parenting stress. 

We have a range of tipsheets with helpful information. 

Click on the link below to go directly to the tip sheet on the topic of your choice for more information.  

This tip sheet provides informaiton on Separation Anxiety

Information on managing anger in children

This tipsheet provides information on how to help your child develop friendship skills.

Some tips for parents with a child that is an extremely fussy eater!  

Parenting can be very stressful, and parents often need a bit of extra help!  This tip sheets will get you started on managing parenting stress.

It is very difficult going through a separation for all parties involved. This tipsheet aims to give parents some tips they can work on at home.

All of our tipsheets aim to provide you with some strateiges or informaiton to get started.  If you would like more support, please contact us at

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