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Fees and Rebates 

Please see below a list of our updated fees for 2018.

These fees are effective as of 1st January 2018. 

Our ongoing appointment fees at Brilliant Minds Psychology are lower than the recommended fee schedule by the Australian Psychological Society.

The recommended fees by the Australian Psychological society for a Psychologist are $246 for 46 to 60 minutes. (July 2017-June 2018)

Our New Fee Schedule for 2018 is below.

**Please Note: We are a private clinic and are unable to provide Bulk Billing Services.

Brilliant Minds Psychology Fee Schedule 

A standard psychology appointment is based on 50 minutes per session (a psychology hour). The fees charged depend on the length of your session).

*Our Saturday & afterhour fees are $20 more than the standard ongoing fee.

Clinical Psychologist Fees 

  • First Session Fees  (weekdays) $245  (50-60 minutes) 
  • First Session Saturday              $265 (50-60 minutes)
  • Ongoing Fees weekdays            $225 per 50 minutes.
  • Saturday & After hour fees       $245 (50 minutes)
(after 5pm week days & Saturday after hour fees are applied) 
  • Medicare Rebate                         $124.50

FAHSCIA Clinical Psychology - 
  • First Session with Fahscia $260
  • Fahscia funding $230 (ongoing week day between 9-5)
  • Fahscia Funding $250 Saturday and after hour fees (after 5pm)
*Fahscia - admin fee for resource claim $25.00

General Psychologist Fees 
  • First Session Fees  Weekday  $205  (60 minutes)
  • First Session - Saturday          $225 (60 minutes)
  • Ongoing session  Fees            $185 (50  minutes)
  • Ongoing After Hrs & Sat.         $205 (50 minutes)
(Saturday after hours fees)
Medicare Rebate/Refund          $84.50

FAHSCIA Fees - General Psychology
  • First Session with Fahscia $260  
  • Fahscia funding  $200 weekdays
  • Fahscia funding $220 Saturday.

Please note we charge admin fees relating to processing each forms claim at each visit. Our admin fee covers processing payment through the FOFMS. Our admin fee is in included in the stated fees.

Resource claims are charged a $25 processing fee
*After -hour costs are from 5pm weekdays and Saturdays

Reports and Letters
Brief letter 
Summary report following a 1-hour appointment based on psychologists time
Diagnostic Autism (ASD) report 

Additional fees are charged for any other clinical matters including report writting, assessment items and correspondence with other parities such as school teachers etc. However, this is discussed with the client when these extra services are requested.

Cognitive Assessment - WISC-IV  & WPSSI-IV / IQ Test Cost 
Cognitive assessments - WISC-IV & WPSSI-IV

  • 1 hour initial cognitive interview to gather background information ($260)
  • 2 hours testing with WISC-IV ($450) (Child Sessions)
  • Scoring, interpretation, report preparation and recommendations ​($450)
  • Feedback session optional (extra fee) 
*Please note Saturday appointments incur a surcharge of an additional $20 per hour.

If additional sessions are required an additional session fee is charged.

Assessment to Determine Specific Learning Disability / Disorder
= (cognitive assessment) + WIAT-2 

Includes: (based on $225 per hour of testing time)

  • Initial Intake - Based on First appointment fees
  • Intellectual cognitive/IQ assessment  (see above information)
  • 2 hours further testing based on $225 per hour
  • Additional Scoring, interpretation & report preparation, recommendations (2 hour report based on $225 per hour)
  • Feedback - 1 hour session is an optional extra but recommendd ($225)

Helping Children with Autism (FaHSCIA funding) - FaHSCIA FUNDING 

Brilliant Minds Psychology is on the Early Intervention Service Provider Panel to provide services to eligible individuals under the FaHCSIA early intervention funding package. To be eligible for the early intervention funding package, a child must have been seen by an Autism Advisor and deemed eligible to access the program before their sixth birthday. The $12,000 in funding can be used until the child's seventh birthday to a maximum of $6,000 per financial year. 
For More information please visit
The funding of up to $12 000 (maximum of $6 000 per financial year) can be accessed until the child’s 7th birthday. Only organisations and individuals that have been approved by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) can offer these services.

    * When resources are purchased by the client an admin fee of $25 is charged for processing the claim and administration time.

    Diagnostic Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder​ (Not covered under a Mental Health Care Plan) . (Paediatric referral required if rebate required)

    • Diagnostic Assessment for Autism Spectrum Condition (including Asperger syndrome) - This includes the parent being interviewed, using gold standard measures, development history of child, family background and interviews and observations of the child/teen. Collateral information is also requested included information from teachers, other professionals and other caregivers (up to 1 hour allocated here). Approximately 4 sessions are required however it can take longer depending on the complexity of the individual. If further ASD assessment sessions are required, the normal psychology ongoing fee is charged.  Saturday appointments are $20 extra. A cognitive assessment is also recommended.
    • Full Diagnostic Assessment Report -  includes a comprehensive report and extensive recommendations for your child's/teens intervention.     A report is often required if the diagnosis needs to be verified by a paediatrician or child psychiatrist for early intervention funding or to eligible for support at school.  Cost of report is $450 for ASD Only

    • ADOS-2 Assessment FEES 
    We prefer clients to have a full autism spectrum assessment, however sometimes the paeditrician may be doing the assessment and request an ADOS to help them draw diagnostic conclusions.  As per our Autism page, collateral information and full assessment is the gold standard for ASD assessment.

    Behaviour Observations using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). At times Paediatricians will request just an ADOS be completed as an adjunct to their assessment. In these cases we can provide an ADOS assessment.

    • Initial intake per clinical fees based on 1st appointment  
    • ADOS assessment session & scoring ($450) (Saturday fee is $470)
    • Brief ADOS report for paedatrician ($250)  (Saturday fee is $270)
    Saturday appointments incur a $20 additional fee for report and assessment.

    Referrals A referral is not necessary for an appointment at Brilliant Minds Psychology, however, if you wish to claim a rebate then a referral from your GP, Psychiatrist or Paedeatrician is required.  You may also be eligible for a rebate through your private health care provider.   For an autism assessment, ask your paediatrician for a Helping Children with Autism Initiative assessment referral (Item Code 135, Psychology MBS Item number  82015).  This provides you with a rebate of $84.80 per session.

    ​​Referrals & Rebates

    You do not require a referral to attend appointments. However, if you have a Mental Health Care Plan from a GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist than you will be eligible for a Medicare rebates. Medicare allows for up to 10 Clinical Psychology sessions per individual, per each calendar year. *To be eligible for the Medicare rebate, you need to have attended your GP, psychiatrist, paediatrician prior to your first session with us and have a Mental Health Care Plan created. You then bring a copy of the plan along to your first session or email it to us and we will be able to process your rebate on the spot following each session.

    Medicare Mental Health Care Plans

    The Mental Health Care Plan is completed by your GP or specialist doctor and allows you to an initial 6 individual sessions (maximum 10 per calender year) and 10 group sessions of Psychological treatment with Medicare rebates.  

    After the first 6 sessions are completed, your GP is provided with a brief letter stating your progress in therapy, at this time further sessions if needed are discussed.  If more sessions are required you need to attend a review with your GP.

    Your GP/specialist then may then decide to offer another 4 sessions of individual psychology therapy. A Medicare rebate is helpful in reducing your out-of-pocket expenses for psychology sessions, however, there is usually stilll a gap fee involved.  

    Medicare Items - Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) Package (through Medicare)

    These referrals are for the assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Medicare pays a rebate for a set number of Psychological, Speech and Occupational Therapy services. Families may be eligible to claim a greater rebate if their Medicare Safety Net threshold has been reached.

    Under the Helping Children with Autism (Medicare) program, a child can be referred by a consultant paediatrician or psychiatrist for the following allied health services:

    • up to four diagnostic/assessment services delivered by psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, audiologists, optometrists, orthoptists or physiotherapists to assist the referring practitioner with diagnosis or to contribute to a child’s treatment and management plan (for a child under 13 years of age).
    • up to twenty treatment services delivered by psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, audiologists, optometrists, orthoptists or physiotherapists (for a child under 15 years of age, providing a treatment and management plan is in place before their 13th birthday).

    Private Health Fund

    • If you have private health care insurance you may be eligible for a rebate.  Please contact your private health care provider to find out more.


    • All appointments are paid at the time of the consultation. We accept Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.

    • We have Medicare facilities, so you swipe your card and the rebate is deposited into your account after the full fee is paid.

    • Cash is not kept on premises. 

    • Regular appointments are available on a weekly, fortnighly or monthly basis depending on your needs and appointment availability.