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Confidentiality of Young People

The Australian Psychological Society has ethical guidelines for psychologist working with young people in child and adolescent mental health.  Young person means a child under the age of 18 years.

The following are the legal and ethical considerations for psychologists when working with young people and are based on extracts from the APS guidelines.

  • All personal information is subject to the Privacy Act of 2002.

  • All client records are kept securely.

  • Informed Consent is required

  • Information on diagnosis and  intervention suggestions is provided to the referring practitioner (GP, psychiatrist, paedatrician)

  • Confidentiality is needed between children, and adolescent and their psychologist.  This means that the parent will not be told from the psychologist information shared by the child/adolescent. However, this is discussed further with the child and adolescents, in most cases a general overview of what was covered may be provided (e.g., today we focused on helpful thoughts, strategies to increase mood etc) where deemed appropriate.  This is discussed in your first session with the psychologist.  

  • Clinicians will encourage a teenager to talk with their parent, but will break confidentiality only when the child's safety is at risk.

Practice Policy - Emergencies or Crisis

  • Brilliant Minds Psychology is a private practice and unfortunately, phone support is not available in-between sessions.  If extra sessions are required clients are requested to book an additional session with the psychologist.

  • Brilliants Minds psychology is not a crisis centre - in the event of an emergency contact 000, the emergency department at your local hospital.  

  • Crisis lines are listed on the links page - click here

Payment Policy

  • Payment is required at the time of the appointment. We have Eftpos and Medicare facilities.