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Every child deserves to have every opportunity to reach his/her full potential. With early child developmental assessment you can check that your child is developmentally on track. 

Why is Child Development important?

Monitoring child development is important to ensure that children meet their 'developmental milestones'.  Checking that children are developing 'on track' for their age is important in order to detect any early delays in development. Early identification of developmental challenges is important in terms of accessing early intervention.  

Problems in Child Development

Problems in development can arise due to many reasons including genetics, prenatal and post-natal circumstances, the presence of trauma or medical factors, and lack of exposure to helpful stimuli and problems in child-parent early attachment. Overcoming developmental challenges is crucial in order to  maximise early intervention to minimise the gap that occur between a child's ability and those of their same ages peer.

Early Screening

At Brilliant Minds Psychology, we offer an early childhood developmental screening services for children 1 to 42 months of age.    We use The Bayley-III Screening Test which can quickly determine if a child is “on track” developmentally or if further, more comprehensive assessment is needed.  The Screening Test includes assessment of cognitive, language and motor domains are tested.  It screens infants and toddlers at risk for developmental delays and allows for early support if intervention is required.

What does the assessment involve?

The assessment involves the following:

  • A 50-minute screening assessment with the parent and the child being assessment
  • Summary report