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Child Behaviour

Increasing Positive Behaviour in Children

Behavioural difficulties? A number of different behavioural techniques can be used when behavioural difficulties emerge. This post is focusing on increasing the behaviours we want to see more of.

Step 1: Define the behaviour you want to see more of (e.g., using the toilet, staying calm during transitions, following instructions... etc.)
Step 2: Actively look for the times when your child is already showing or performing these behaviours. (If your child does not already have the skill - then we first need to teach the skill - sometimes this needs to be done in steps or chunks)
Step 3: Praise, reward - in the early days with behaviour change I would recommend a reward be given every time the behaviour is performed. This could be a tickle, - have a list of things that your child enjoys - it does not have to be costly, as mentioned it can be as simple as a tickle or a hug. By attending to the times when the desirable behaviour is occuring we can simply increase the frequency of this.

Best wishes, Dr. Jenni Silva - Clinical Psychologist