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Our Autism Assessment Packages

At Brilliant Minds Psychology we provide a unique experience for autism assessment. Our assessments are comprehensive and guided by best assessment approach for autism assessments. We use gold standard assessment process. Our reports provide comprehesive information to help you help your child flourish and become the best he/she can be.  

"Only a psychologist that has extensive experience in autism intervention and assessment will conduct your child's assessment."   Director, Dr. Jenni Silva (Clinical Psychologist)

Package 1: Our 'Brilliant Minds Autism Assessment'  

This is a very comprehensive 'Brilliant Minds Autism Assessment Package'. This is a comprehensive autism assessment package. It includes assessment of autism, parent interview, child interview, assessment of intellectual functioning, assessment of adaptive functioning and screens for emotional and behaviour problems. Includes parent interview of 90 minutes, child autism assessment (60 minutes), child assessment of intelligence (90-120 minutes) and assessment of emotional and behaviour difficulties. In addition to the sessions attended parents and teachers are sent a package of questionnaires to complete. We also screen for other developmental conditions such as ADHD in this assessment. 

Session 1: Parent clinical interview (90 minutes)
Session 2: Child clinical interview using ADOS-2 (60 minutes)
Session 3: Child assessment of general intelligence (90-120 minutes) 
Session 4: Parent feedback session (30-50 minutes) in the clinic to go through report and discuss recommendations.

A comprehensive autism psychological report is provided with recommendations.

(not covered by Medicare, unless paediatric referral for autism is provided)

Package 2:  Our Brilliant Minds 'Toddler Autism Assessment'  

This assessment is recommended for younger children (1-3 years of age). This is a comprehensive assessment for younger children between ages of 1- 3 years of age.  It includes a clinical interview with the parent and a child session.  This assessment also screens for other developmental conditions.  As part of this assessment parents and child care staff are sent a series of questionnaires to complete.
Session 1: 90 minute parent clincal interview
Session 2: Child assessment  (60-90 minutes) an
Session 3: Parent feedback Session:
A comprehensive report and recommendations are provided.
A package of questionnaires are sent to the parent & child care staff.

(not covered by Medicare, unless paediatric referral for autism is provided)

Package 3:  The 'Basic Autism Screen'

This assessment package is recommended when your paediatrician has recommended an ADOS-2 in conjuction to their assessment. This is package is a basic screening package and includes the following.

1. 60 minute parent interview.
2. Child assessment - ADOS-2 (50 minutes)
3. Summary report for paediatrician.

(not covered by Medicare, unless paediatric referral for autism is provided)