Suite 1.02, Springwood Towers, 9 Murrajong Road, Springwood Qld 4127 Brilliant Minds Psychology Tel: 3133 0610
 Brilliant Minds Psychology is a small boutique private practice based at Suite 1.02, 9 Murrajong Road, Springwood Tower, Springwood. We work with children, teens and adults with a range of presentations. We also provide services for individuals on the autism spectrum and provide pregnancy and perinatal psychology services.  Our small team draws from evidence based interventions to help you and your child through challenging times.  We provide a warm and relaxed therapy atmosphere for our clients. 

We see clients by appointment only,
Call us on 3133 0610 to make an appointment.  
Clinic Address: Suite 1.02, Springwood Tower
9 Murrajong Road, Springwood Qld 4127   

Children and Adolescents
We work with children and adolescents from 2 - 18 years of age. We work therapeutically with children and teens. Brilliant Minds Psychology works from the child's perspective and help them learn new ways of thinking, new strategies and help them to find their own solutions.  We help parents manage/ learn strategies to manage behaviour problems and also help parents with parenting stress.

Assessments and Programs
We provide comprehensive assessment and evidence based treatment for a variety of conditions. Services from our psychologists include comprehensive developmental assessments including assessment for an: 

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Condition (ASD)
  • Educational & Behavioural Assessments
  • Anxiety/Social Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Emotional Regulation Strategies
  • Depression
  • Stress Intervention
  • Tic Disorders
  • Sessions for Parenting Stress

  • We use a number of evidence based interventions including but not limited to:
  • The Stop Think Do Program
  • The Secret Agent Society Program
  • Triple P - Positive Parenting Program
  • The Circle of Security (COS) Parenting Program
  • Cool Kids Program (anxiety)
  • Take Action Program (anxiety)

The Parenting Hub
We also work with just the parent especially if you are feeling stressed due to ongoing behaviour or emotional problems that your child may be experiencing. For very young children we often work just with the parents. Many of our psychologists are trained in Triple P (Positive Parenting Program), behavioural and attachment based interventions (Circle of Security).  Working just with the parent, your psychologist can help you learn to manage and understand your child's emotions and behaviours and help reduce parent stress. 

Perinatal Psychology, Adults - yes we are trained to see Adults too!
We work with adults across the lifespan. We work with adults on a range of areas including but not limited to: 

  • antenatal anxiety & depression
  • postnatal anxiety & depression
  • pregnancy
  • perinatal loss
  • premature birth
  • birth trauma
  • adjustment issues
  • parent-infant attachment
  • stress management
  • autism assessment
  • anxiety 
  • emotion regulation 
  • parenting stress (see the parenting hub above)
Our Psychologists have been trained to work with individuals across the lifespan with a range of presenting concerns.

Our Psychologists 
As a psychology practice and psychologists, we have a professional responsibility to engage in ongoing professional development, training and clinical supervision.  We aim to provide you with a high quality service by using evidence-based psychological interventions. All psychologists at Brilliant Minds Psychology provide evidence-based interventions and assessments.  

Behind the Name 'Brilliant Minds Psychology'
The inspiration for the clinic's name 'Brilliant Minds Psychology' was due to an interest in positive psychology and also by working with individuals on the autism spectrum and anxiety conditions. Individuals on the autism spectrum continue to be an inspiration - by having brilliance to look at the world in different and uniques ways! Through positive psychology influence, we hold the belief that all individuals can flourish!

Our psychology sessions are strictly by appointment only. We are a private clinic and unable to provide emergency/crisis appointments.
Contact us via email or
by calling our clinic on Tel: 07 3133 0610

Call:07 3133 0610
By Appointment Only
Please note: To ensure the highest level of privacy for our clients,  we only open the door to clients with a scheduled appointment that given day.

Our Clinic Hours:

Private Clinic Policy
Our psychology sessions are by appointment only.  As a private clinic our Psychologists are unavailable outside of session time.

Brilliant Minds Psychology is not an emergency service. If you are in crisis, or experiencing suicidal thoughts please contact your local emergency room or dial '000'

Telephone: 3133 0610

Fax: 3133 4160

Postal Address: PO Box 565
Springwood Qld 4127

Clinic Address: Suite 1.02, Springwood Towers, 9 Murrajong Road, Springwood Qld 4127

If you need urgent attention, please call 000
  • Lifeline on 13 11 14.
  • Kids Help line for kids call 1800 55 1800.
Calm Parent @ Brilliant Minds

We provide early intervention services for young children with an autism spectrum condition.  
Email us for more information at:

Springwood Psychologist - Brilliant Minds Psychology, Dr. Jennifer Silva Children, Adolescents and Adults.